Things to do in Ogliastra

Ogliastra…what an experience!

Ogliastra offers so much – if you’ve already been there then you’ll know what we mean. You’ll have photos of white beaches, crystal-clear seas, fun adventures on and off the beaten paths winding through nature; you’ll still feel the wind that lifted your kite and the satisfaction of your first dive. You can say that you have a little piece of Ogliastra in your heart, like all those who decide to spend their holidays there. But if you’ve never been to Ogliastra and don’t yet know how many things there to do there, then you’ll just have to pique your curiosity with this quick and easy “spoiler” of all the experiences you can choose from. Enjoy the show and…the happy ending.

Kayak tour

Curiosity and passion, adventure and relaxation.

Kayak tour Residence Due Mari


The welcoming nature of Ogliastra

Trekking Residence Due Mari