Visit the largest ampitheatre on the sea

If you visit Ogliastra you’re not just choosing a seaside resort to spend your holidays, you’re deciding to discover new places, to see majestic caves, to dive into the remote past of the Nuraghi, to fall in love with perfumes and people, all whilst being surrounded by large, beautiful beaches… If you visit Ogliastra, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

Su Marmuri Cave

The power of water

The Majestic Su Marmuri Cave is located in the territory of Ulassai, a small village nestled among the rocks.
The cave was formed due to the strength of the water which, over thousands of years, dug out an underground passage. A web of underground cavities of karstic origin, of notable tourist interest, among the most beautiful and spectacular in Italy extends for almost a kilometre and is characterized by a unique landscape of stalactites and stalagmites.
Among the numerous open cavities, you can admire the Grande Sala, in a rectangular shape, the sala dell’Organo, whose concretions remind us of the tubes of the musical instrument, the Sala del Cactus, with tall stalagmites similar to cacti, the Sala dei Pipistrelli, the Galleria delle Vaschette and the Terminale hall. Thanks to its base temperature, in the winter period, the biggest known Italian colony of bats seek shelter here.
Almost all the bats of this species present in Sardinia migrate to this cave, which therefore plays a fundamental role in the conservation of the ecosystem.
The su Marmuri Caves are, therefore an absolutely unmissable opportunity to admire one of the most amazing natural places in wonderful Sardinia. Not to be missed.

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The Nuraghi

Discovering the past

Ogliastra offers many attractions of historical and cultural interest, some of the most prominent being the nuraghic complexes that are scattered along the territory. The presence of the Nuraghic complexes in Ogliastra is enriched by other elements dating back to the Iron Ages, such as the sacred wells, intended for the worship of water.
One of the largest complexes is the Nuraghic sanctuary S’Arcu’e is Forros, a templar complex from the Nuraghic era that houses a vast village and three megaron temples dedicated to water worship.
This complex represents the most important point of reference in Sardinia in the Iron Age, a centre of exchanges with other people of the Mediterranean.
In the shadow of the imposing Mount Ferru winds a very suggestive path that in just two kilometres unites the small fraction of Gairo Taquisara to the most beautiful nuraghic complex of the area, that of Serbissi, which is halfway between ancient mountains and the splendid sea of the coast.

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Torre di Barì

Barisardo beach

Torre di Barì has no equals: 8 Km of beach whose beauty is only interrupted by the rocky peninsula on which stands the proud Torre spagnola or Spanish tower that blesses this part of the shoreline.
In the early post-war years this beach made for a natural division between the “Mare degli Uomini” or the Men’s Sea and the “Mare delle Femmine”, the Women’s Sea, in a functional and truly natural way in line with the requirements of the time.
On one side the beach is golden and the sand similar to grains of rice, while on the other it is silvery with finer and softer sand. The sea bottom, is shallow at first, and then shelves away quite quickly making it easy to swim and dive very close to the shore.
The beach is flanked by typical local vegetation, giving it a wild and authentic look.

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The other beaches

Absolutely worth seeing.

Su Sirboni beach

It’s a sandy cove with clear and turquoise water set between the red rocks and thick vegetation, where wild boar once roamed undisturbed, “su sirboni” (in Sardinian it means wild boar), this beach is frequented by underwater fishing and snorkelling enthusiasts.


Cea beach

This beach is characterised by soft white sand and a shallow seafloor with crystalline water. Cea beach is easily recognised for the presence of some beautiful sea stacks just a few metres from the shore (Is Scogliusu Arrubius), a goal for the most competitive divers.


Orrì beach

It’s a beach of fine white sand, about fifteen kilometres long and interspersed with some rocks to create delightful inlets and coves, it’s characterized by shallow and very light blue waters.

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